March 9, 2011

While I Want the Sun, I'm Not Exited For Spring...

I'm really not. Warmer weather means short sleeves and brighter colors. Warm weather means shedding the parka that currently hides all my flaws (except for my laugh lines) and covers my tush. Warm weather means that my closet needs to be cleaned and it is one of my least favorite chores.

I don't know about you, but I am a reader of all articles that begin with "Top Five Spring Favorites," and "What You Must Have in Your Closet This Spring," and "THE Spring Coat." I somehow find temporary satisfaction and inspiration while reading said articles. So, then what happens?

I get cold feet. I start loading my online shopping bag with new tees and boyfriend jeans and peep toe wedges and scarves. And then, I read my email, answer phone calls and leave my lap top. I get stage fright when shopping for myself. Why? What is this about? Why can't I take the leap? This wasn't a problem in my 20s. Is it that I feel guilty about spending the money? Is it possibly that somewhere in my subconscious that I enjoy complaining about what I don't have? 

I'm not sure, but I do know that when it comes to the kiddos, I can load a virtual shopping bag, press submit order and smile in delight in the time it takes to type SOLD! Why is that so easy?

A friend  suggests that it is overwhelming to shop for yourself all at once and it's better to buy a few pieces at a time. The old "Rome wasn't built in a day" theory. Another maintains it is easier to shop for our children because they are easier to fit than we are. 

Whatever the reason, I'm hoping for more cold weather so I can hide inside my parka. In the meantime, maybe a few tee shirts will find their way to my house....