May 20, 2011

top five gotta have make-up products this summer

Makeup. I love it. Sometimes, I love it even more than shoes and handbags. I don't wear a lot of it, but when I do, oh how I love to play!!!

Someone recently told me I had a glow to my face. My first thought was 'Am I sweating? It's only 40 degrees..." She proceeded to complement my skin and my eyes and I was so joyous I bought her a coffee. So ladies, (and gentlemen if you care for  beauty products), I will share with you what I shared with my friend. This is what I'm using and loving today - hope these work for you too.

Trish McEvoy 24-hour shadow and liner in Topaz
Best product ever! This is so easy to apply you could (and do) do it with your eyes closed. You can swipe it across your lash line lightly for a splash of color and sparkle - or blend it in with a thin pencil and create a smokey eye. The topaz color is dreamy and looks great on most skin tones - the charcoal is great too!

Trish McEvoy Eye Base Essentials
One of my all time favorites and must haves!  This creamy base is applied to your entire eyelid and evens out skin tone while creating a smooth surface for eyeshadow. On low maintenance days, I wear it alone and it brightens up the eye beautifully.

Bobbie Brown Pot Rouge for lips and cheeks
I use a smidge of this on top of a bronzer for an "Oh I just heard a naughty joke" kind of blush. It stays put all day and doubles as a quick lip gloss too. So many colors to choose.

Kiehls Lip Balm #1 scented
Throw this little tube in your car and use it all the time. My favorite scent is cranberry and I swear it lasts through summer and fall - you only need a smidge and your lips feel perfectly pouty. Hint - I've also used it on my cuticles in the winter - great results!

Shu Uemura eyelash curler
The mother of all eyelash curlers - ladies this one takes the cake. Sadly, it is no longer available for purchase in the U.S. Thank goodness you can buy it online via their website. Definitely worth the shipping and high cost - nothing else helps open the eye like THIS eyelash curler. Trust me, I am eyelash challenged and this may be one of the items I'd choose on a desert island....

On one final note, I have to give a shout out to the wonderful ladies at Blue Mercury in Lake Forest. No, I do not get any kickbacks (sadly.) Simply put: the staff are all so helpful, knowledgable and simply fun to be around. Everything but the almighty Shu Umera eye lash curler can be found over there. Check them out!

May 16, 2011

why do guilty pleasures make us feel guilty?

Chocolate milkshakes. Oreos. No, Double-stuffed Oreos! Sitting up in the middle of the night finding great bad movies on cable! Vampire Diaries! Tosh.O! Perez Hilton! Fashion websites! Facebook! 

My list of guilty pleasures is longer than I care to admit. But here I am, admitting it. My name is Nina and I have many guilty pleasures. I am tired and sick of feeling guilty about them. They are pleasurable, after all. But then they aren't. They have layers of shame around them that are begging to be discarded like a Northface on a spring day. Said spring day in Florida, perhaps. I digress....

How can all these 'activities'  feel so good while simultaneously making me feel guilty? Easily - none of them are particularly good for me. None of them promote a healthy lifestyle. Especially eating double stuffed oreos at two in the morning while watching my recorded Vampire Diaries. OH MY!!  My heart be still. But isn't it healthy to feed into our cravings every now and then? Yes. Sometimes it just feels good to act naughty.

I understand the guilt. Oreos undermine weight-loss and my workouts, as does staying up late. Bad movies and CW television do absolutely nothing for my aging mind but perhaps keep it stagnate - maybe watching Bravo actually kills brain cells. Who knows? Internet browsing and Facebooking certainly wastes my time and keeps my productivity at bay. 

I wear guilt like a second skin. I grew up a Catholic school girl with a Jewish father. Guilt and I are fantastic companions. But, I'm done. I'm breaking up with guilt when it comes to these said pleasures. Guilt can take a hike and look me up on Facebook in 20 years! I don't engage in the naughty all the time. Everything in moderation will be my mantra. I can indulge and buy expensive make up and skin care products from time to time. I can dance to 80s house music without embarrassing myself on occasion! I can listen to Gaga in the car and sing so loud I can't hear trains coming once in a while. Okay, maybe I shouldn't do the latter.

My point here is I am giving up the guilt and bringing on the pleasure - sometimes. I'm declaring a boycott to the phrase 'guilty pleasure'  and encourage What Not To Wear marathons everywhere! I've earned the right to slack every now and then, trade in Newsweek for People and NPR for AltNation. Now, if you see me driving, singing and swerving while leaving a trail of cookies in my wake, I most certainly will feel shamed. And guilty.....